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Introduction of the College
  Zhenjiang College is a full-time regular institution of higher learning officially approved by Ministry of Education (the former State Education Commission) in March, 1992. The college began with the Danyang Zhengze Single-sex Vocational School which established by famous artist, educator, Mr. Lv Fengzi with a history of more than one hundred years.
  We currently comprise 12 schools/departments, 35 majors and orientations. We have a faculty of 650 people with 34 professors and 270 associate professors, which ranks top among its peers in the province.
  The college has its recruitment from 12 provinces and the obligation of providing training and advanced education to the local elementary and middle school teachers. Currently, the total enrollment on the campus is over 8000 students with another 4000 adult students of various kinds off the campus.
  Zhenjiang College was appraised to be the National Excellent Higher Vocational Institution. For long time Zhenjiang College always enjoys the honorary titles such as Jiangsu Civilized Unit, Jiangsu Civilized College, Jiangsu Safe and Civilized Unit, National 5.4 Red Flag Youth League Committee, Advanced Units of Vocational Education in Jiangsu and Jiangsu Scientific Research Advanced Collective.

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